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Learning Forward Texas Board of Directors Nomination Requirements 

Please complete this form in its entirety for nomination as a candidate for a three-year term to the Board of Directors of  the Learning Forward Texas Board of Directors. 

Prior to submission of this application, please carefully consider the following requirements:

• Current member good standing of Learning Forward prior to submitting nomination, 

• Willingness to promote Learning Forward Texas as an affiliate of Learning Forward, 

• Knowledgeable of the Standards for Professional Learning, 

• Commit to Learning Forward Texas’s Strategic Plan and Priorities. 

• Participate as a member of a Board of Directors focusing on strategic priorities and actions, related to Learning Forward Texas vision and mission, 

• Commit to advocacy of Learning Forward Texas in your local workplace, state and national level,

• Ability and willingness to work with others in both large and small groups, 

• Capacity and the financial support to attend three (3) Learning Forward Texas meetings a year plus one other  learning event, 

• Attend 3 virtual BOD meetings, 

• Support from supervisor/organization. 

Please submit/upload the below information NO LATER THAN December 18, 2020.

1) The below signed Application Form

2) A cover letter with information as stated above

3) A resume

4) A reference from a current supervisor. Those self-employed, should send a reference from a long-standing client or former supervisor.

Download and Complete: 

LFTX Board of Directors Application

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