Founded February 10, 1992


Learning Forward Texas’ purpose is to ensure that every educator in the state engages in effective professional learning every day so that every student achieves. We will accomplish our purpose by advocating for high quality professional learning.



The vision of Learning Forward Texas is student success through quality professional learning that is planned, implemented and evaluated in a way that consistently models:

  • Results-driven learning

  • Collaboration

  • Student-centered learning

  • Follow-up

  • Flexible groups

  • Commitment


Belief Statement

We Believe:

  • That high quality professional learning is planned, implemented, and evaluated in a way that consistently models Learning Forward standards.

  • People are our most valuable resource.

  • Life-long learning is essential for all.

  • Quality professional learning positively impacts student learning.

  • Quality professional learning promotes and supports positive change for achieving organizational purpose.