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Strategies to integrate physical activity into your session(s) supporting brain-based educational theories for effective learning for adults and students.  


For a complete list, click on the icon above.  For a sampling, share one of these at your next learning event.

Pop up! - Set the timer for 60 seconds, around the room you want to have at least 10 pop-ups, a pop-up is when a person pops up out of their seat and states something he or she has learned, and sits back down. If the group can meet the goal of how many pop-ups you set you can let them earn an extra minute on their next break.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1 - In this game, participants stand up and the presenter has them do five different movements in descending order.  For example: do 5 jumping jacks, hop on one foot 4 times, touch your toes 3 times, spin in a circle 2 times, give 1 high five.

My Stretch Toss - Have all participants stand and stretch, then toss a softball to someone. That participant will share one thing they have learned from the training, and then toss the ball to someone else. Then they sit down.  You can set the timer for 60 seconds.

Learning Foward Texas Workshops to Support Facilitators of Professional Learning 

For more information about how to design professional learning in your district, contact Lisa Ham, LFTX Executive Director.  Learning Forward Texas consultants can also provide personalized coaching to meet your needs. 

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