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Strategies for how to stimulate learning by working in partners or small groups to articulate ideas and understandings and to uncover incomplete ideas to drive inquiry.  

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Group Ideas

Spinner - Select a spinner that has different colors on it: red, blue, green, yellow (if 5 participants are at a table, add purple as a color) 1) Each participant at a table selects a color that matches a color on the spinner. 2) Presenter spins. The participant that selected the color on the spinner stands. 3) Presenter spins a second time. The 2nd participant identified stands. 4) Both participants move to a different table.

"Sole" mate - Find someone with the same shoes you have on and partner up.

Fish pond - Walk around, find a partner before the music stops, when you find your partner, go to the “banks” (sides) of the room. It is then easier for participants to see who still needs a partner b/c they are still in the “pond” (middle) of the room. 

Learning Foward Texas Workshops to Support Facilitators of Professional Learning 

For more information about how to design professional learning in your district, contact Lisa Ham, LFTX Executive Director.  Learning Forward Texas consultants can also provide personalized coaching to meet your needs. 

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