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Strategies for how to build community and a sense of belonging for all participants.

“How Do You Do?” - Instruct the group to move around the room, meeting as many people as they can. To make this challenging, the participants must use a different greeting each time. Examples: What’s up? Howdy! Greetings! Bon Jour! Good Day! Hey there! 

Between Us – Spend a few minutes conversing with a partner or partners. You will be introducing yourself as a group. The key is to find what you have in common and then share using this formula: Between Us... we have 47 pairs of shoes, we have 5 pets.

Phone Pictures - Find one picture from your phone photos that tells something about you. Share with another participant(s). 

Learning Foward Texas Workshops to Support Facilitators of Professional Learning 

For more information about how to design professional learning in your district, contact Lisa Ham, LFTX Executive Director.  Learning Forward Texas consultants can also provide personalized coaching to meet your needs. 

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