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Strategies for how to gain insight and process how to move forward with new knowledge.

Wows and How abouts - Post two charts by the doors. One chart is labeled “Wows!” and one is labeled “How Abouts?” Participants take two post-its and write a “wow” on one (the most important/aha learning so far) and a “how about” (an idea, question, suggestion, or concern) on the other. They stick their post-its to the charts as they leave the room for a break or lunch. As the facilitator, read over the comments and address some of the “how abouts” in an informal chat session. 

What do you know graffiti wall - Before training begins, label a large piece of paper (bulletin board paper) with “What Do You Know.” Have participants write 1 or 2 things they already know about the topic. A short discussion can be included in the warm-up. 

One word reflection - Instruct participants to think about the learning they have done over the course of the day/session. Give them one minute of silence to do this. Ask participants to write ONE word on a notecard that comes to mind that would express their learning. Next, have participants pass their cards to the person on their left. Give another minute for participants to reflect on the word they were given. Then, ask each participant to share their new word and how they see it connects to the day’s learning.

Learning Foward Texas Workshops to Support Facilitators of Professional Learning 

For more information about how to design professional learning in your district, contact Lisa Ham, LFTX Executive Director.  Learning Forward Texas consultants can also provide personalized coaching to meet your needs. 

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