Virtual Tips and Tools for Professional Learning 1

"I appreciate the ability to use this information, not only with adult learners, but also with my students, as well. Having just delivered a training yesterday, I am excited to know that I can implement some of the ideas shared here to refine and update the presentation when I deliver it again next week. Thank you for giving me that time to reflect and improve." - Judson ISD

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Our current professional culture indicates everyone is a professional learning facilitator. From the principal to the classroom teacher, from the campus coach to the department lead, everyone is a leader of learning, and our challenge is to quickly adapt to a virtual learning environment. Join us in this highly interactive module to examine the attributes of results-driven, professional learning, while practicing tips and tools for engaging the adult learner in an energizing & fun virtual learning environment. 


Participants will:

  • Examine the attributes of standards-based professional learning.

  • Study the characteristics of adult learners and adult socialization.

  • Investigate the power of norms in the digital setting and how to implement them successfully.

  • Learn a framework for designing and delivering powerful professional learning in a virtual environment.

  • Experience many interactive processes that model effective professional learning.


In this virtual adaptation of our Face-to-Face Tips 1, participants will experience processes that they can quickly replicate and use in the design and delivery of their own virtual professional learning sessions with adult learners. Presenters will model effective use of Zoom Break-out Rooms, Chat, Polls, Reaction features and Annotation Tools, while also integrating free digital tools such as Padlet, Mentimeter, Google Jamboard & Slides and more, all to ensure high levels of engagement in a digital classroom environment. Each of these strategies can be used by teachers in a virtual or blended environment with students as well!

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