Virtual Tips and Tools for Professional Learning 2 

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Lisa Ham

512.266.3086, ext. 1

Do you aspire to help leaders of professional learning refine their craft and become more than just an adequate trainer? Can you envision your audience leaving your session feeling energized and equipped to make learning powerfully engaging for other adult learners--yes, even in a virtual setting? Well, join us for this one-day learning experience that will provide a wide array of processes that are research-based, learner-centered, and will enable learning leaders like you to increase your skills and knowledge, to promote effective professional learning for all educators.

Participants will:

  • Experience a variety of purposeful community-building strategies 

  • Engage in interactive, virtual processes that can be used in various content areas

  • Explore a powerful learning tool that breaks concepts into manageable chunks, promoting retention of critical content

  • Investigate a powerful resource for facilitating adult learning

  • Reflect on their own skills as facilitators, while learning to use reflection activities as a key to promote implementation


Tips and Tools I contains foundational learning needed prior to this session and is therefore a prerequisite. In this virtual adaptation of our Face-to-Face Tips and Tools II session, participants will experience processes that they can quickly replicate and use in the design and delivery of their own virtual professional learning sessions with adult learners. Presenters will model effective use of digital tools within a virtual platform, all to ensure high levels of engagement. Each of these strategies can be used by teachers in a virtual or blended environment with students as well!