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Learning Services

Our on-site and virtual services help teacher leaders, coaches, mentors, and school leaders facilitate professional learning that reflects best practices in adult learning, in-person facilitation, and online learning settings.

In-person Workshops 

Tips and Tools for Professional Learning Day 1-3

Day 1:

The purpose of these highly interactive one-day modules is to examine the attributes of results-driven, professional learning while practicing tips and tools for engaging the adult learner.

Day 2:

An effective facilitator of professional learning represents more than one who can train others on a number of topics or deliver a program with the stated goal of “filling time”. This module is a follow-up to Tips and Tools for Professional Learning, Day 1.

Day 3:

The purpose of Tips and Tools for Professional Learning, Day 3, is for participants to become more skilled at leading adults in their learning. This module is a one-day follow-up to Tips and Tools for Professional Learning, Day 1 and 2. 

Cultivating Leadership: Facilitation Strategies to Foster Collaborative Practices with Adults

Collaboration is said to be an essential skill in the process of continuous improvement. Yet most education leaders have received little training to lead, manage, and facilitate collaborative processes.

Follow-up Consultation and Coaching for Effective Implementation

Effective professional learning should be revisited and evaluated for its impact on student learning.  Our experienced learning professionals are available to work with campus and district leadership

Facilitation for Effective Implementation

Need a partner to assist your district, campus, or leadership team in designing, planning, or facilitating strategic growth opportunities that can lead to increased student achievement?

Personalized Consultation and Coaching 

Learn more about how we transform systems and leverage professional learning as a driver of change in schools.

Our high-impact professional services help systems set an attainable vision for an effective and equitable system of professional learning that leads to improved leader, educator, and student outcomes. 

We help maximize the impact of professional learning in schools, districts, and organizations by: 
  • Building the capacity of central office leaders to set a vision for equity and excellence, and increase the effectiveness in leading change;

  • Transforming school leadership by developing principals and aspiring principals with deep understanding and skills in leading learning and creating cultures of collective responsibility;

  • Empowering coaches and mentor teachers with the skills to support beginning and veteran teachers to meet their classroom challenges;

  • Ensuring that all teacher learning teams engage in a cycle of continuous improvement focused on meeting their students’ unique learning needs;

  • Assessing the impact of professional learning in your school or system and measuring its alignment to the Standards for Professional Learning.

For pricing and scheduling information contact:

Lisa Ham

512.266.3086, ext. 1

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