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Terri Iles
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Following the Tips experience, we are inspired with ideas on how to improve training and workshops provided to colleagues in the office as well as with the teachers who attend Special Education Boot Camp sessions.


We are excited to share some of the ideas that the Tips training ignited and explain how to intentionally incorporate knowledge about adult learning into future sessions.


We are grateful that you inspired your neighbors north of the border through the powerful Tips workshop.   


Susan Pinson, M.A.T.

Executive Director of Professional Learning

Office of Educator Effectiveness

Oklahoma State Department of Education

I want to share some evidence of the impact that the Tips workshop has had on a colleague. Jacque Cullen is a Professional Learning Specialist in the Office of Special Education.


Learning Forward Texas is an educational nonprofit association of learning educators committed to one vision in K–12 education:

Excellent teaching and learning every day. 

We would love to have you join us. There is no fee. No fancy registration. We only ask that you come ready to share, open to learn, and prepared to be a contributing part of one of the greatest Professional Learning Networks around.

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Adult Learning

  • Examine the attributes of standards-based professional learning.

  • Study the characteristics of adult learners and adult socialization.

  • Investigate the power of norms and how to implement them successfully

  • Learn a framework for designing and delivering powerful professional learning.

  • Participate in many processes that model effective professional learning.

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Presentation Skills

  • Participate in processes that model effective professional learning.

  • Learn about window panes and how  to use them as a robust learning tool 

  • Investigate a powerful resource for facilitating adult learning

  • Experience a variety of purposeful engagement strategies 

  • Learn about reflection and how to use it to improve learning


Planning and Designing

  • Experience strategies that promote high levels of engagement

  • Reframe and identify strategies for transforming negativity

  • Learn techniques to field questions

  • Study effective methods for using music and giving directions to enhance presentations

  • Learn important considerations for planning and designing professional learning.

  • Apply the Nested Process to planning 

  • Consider a plan of action for future presentations


Collaborative Learning

  • Explore strategies to accelerate team development and build collective teacher efficacy.

  • Experience processes that promote contributions from ALL team members

  • Learn strategies to lead teams in designing and  using their own accountability structures.

  • Explore communication practices to set clear expectations and structure the work.

  • Understand how Emotional Intelligence can be leveraged to positively impact collaborative teams.

  • Learn a process to address conflicts and conduct difficult conversations.

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