Become a board member

application process:

  1)The 2020 application process is closed.

  2)The nominee’s signed acceptance form,

  3)A cover letter with information as stated above,

  4)A resume,

  5)A reference letter from a current supervisor. Those self-employed, should send a reference from a long-standing client or former supervisor.

Learning Forward Texas Board of Directors seeks new board members every year.

Mandatory qualifications for
candidates are:
  • Candidates must be members in good standing of Learning Forward and Learning Forward Texas

  • Candidates may not have served on the board during the past two years

  • Candidates must submit an application to the nominating committee

  • Candidates must agree to serve a minimum term of three (3) years


Additional qualifications are established by the Board of Trustees to guide the nominations committee in its search for qualified candidates. Potential candidates should carefully review board members’ responsibilities and duties that include, but are not limited to:

General Qualifications:
  • Be a member of Learning Forward Texas & Learning Forward,

  • Willingness to promote Learning Forward Texas as an affiliate of Learning Forward,

  • Have knowledge of the Standards for Professional Learning,

  • Commit to Learning Forward Texas’s Strategic Plan and Priorities,

  • Participate as a member of the board, focusing on strategic priorities and actions, related to Learning Forward Texas vision and mission,

  • Participate in committee work for Learning Forward Texas,

  • Commit to advocacy of Learning Forward Texas in your local workplace, state and national level,

  • Commit to work with others in both large and small groups,

  • Have the capacity and the financial support to attend three (3) Learning Forward Texas meetings a year, plus other Learning Forward Texas learning events,

  • Attend virtual BOD meetings,

  • Have support from supervisor/organization,

  • Will attend the Learning Forward Annual or Summer Conference at least once every three (3) years.

Annual Conferences:
  • Attend Learning Forward Texas Annual Conference assisting the host committee throughout conference, as needed

  • Co-chair Annual Conference on a rotating, as needed, basis

  • Network with other Learning Forward Texas members at annual conference

Regional Affiliates:
  • Support, promote, and help increase membership of regional affiliates

Other Learning Events:
  • Market Learning Forward Texas (organization and events) to Texas educators

  • Participate in other learning events as approved and/or requested by the Board

  • Recruit new members (membership is free)

Any member in good standing may nominate himself or herself or another member for open positions on the Board of Directors by submitting an application for candidacy. Applications will be processed and all names submitted will be used by the Nominating Committee to make candidate selections.

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