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Professional Learning Consultants

Our presenters have diverse backgrounds in training all areas of education to best meet the needs of our educators--superintendent to the paraprofessional.  These influencers understand what drives student achievement.  


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Katie Bazzani, Northside ISD

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Elita Driskill, Arlington ISD


Trish Hinze, Independent 

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Marcus Miller, Plano ISD

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Tim Persall, Independent 


Sue Chapman, Independent

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Diana Ely, Northside ISD

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Terri Iles, Independent 

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Karen Nix, Independent 

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Edna Phythian, Plano ISD

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Janet Corder, Independent 


Denise Gonzales, Independent 


Arden McLean, Northside ISD

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Janelle Persall, Independent 

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Deb Tanton, Mesquite ISD