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Vision, Mission, & Values

Annually, the board of directors reviews the strategic plan and votes on our vision, mission, and values.  These statements serve as powerful tools providing us with meaningful guidance as we help our members leverage the power of professional learning to affect positive and lasting change.  

Our Mission

Connect, inspire, and empower educators through quality professional learning to positively impact classroom practice.

Our Vision

Every student is served by educators who engage in profound, high-impact professional learning daily. 

Our Values 


Continuous Improvement 



2021-2022 Strategic Goals 

Goal 1:  High Impact Support 

1.1  Develop differentiated coaching programs. 

1.2  Develop a process to provide follow-up opportunities for LFTX workshops 

1.3  Respond to district needs with aligned professional learning. 

Goal 2:  Innovative Learning Experiences 

2.1  Develop workshops using a variety of professional learning models. 

2.2  Develop a process for evaluating workshops.

2.3  Develop on-demand learning for our website using a variety of media. 

Goal 3:  Expand Our Reach 

3.1  Update association management software.

3.2  Focus on supporting current and developing regional affiliates. 

3.3  Establish a marketing and communication plan. 

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