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Learning Forward National

Academy Scholarship 2023 Recipients

2025 Learning Forward Academy

Solve your biggest challenges.

Transform yourself and your organization.

Get results for ALL students.

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Past LFTX Academy Scholarship Recipients

2022:  Janie Stach, Colleyville ISD

2021:  Joe,  Spring ISD

2020:  Becky Odajima, Midway ISD  

Terri Iles Learning Forward Texas Academy Scholarship

The Learning Forward Academy provides a forum for educators to analyze their practices and engage in dedicated, uninterrupted think tank-type experiences with individuals from all facets of the education.  Learning Forward Texas annually provides a scholarship for a member of our Texas affiliate to participate in the Learning Forward Academy.

In June of 2020, Terri Iles retired after 5 years as Executive Director of Learning Forward Texas.  Terri has a passion for professional learning and she loves Texas.  She wanted to ensure that LFTX supported the Academy by providing support and funding for a Texan to participate. At the June Board meeting, the LFTX board unanimously voted to name our academy scholarship the Terri Iles Learning Forward Texas Academy Scholarship. 



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Star Learners' Schlarship

Star Learners' Academy Scholarship 

For 31 years, a group of Texas Educators met as a Professional Learning Community to grow in knowledge together and support each other as Star Learners. The “Stars” (as they called themselves) often talked about legacy and how to “pay it forward” and are happy to have found an appropriate way to do so through this scholarship that can carry forward the goals and aspirations begun in 1991.

To that end, in conjunction with Learning Forward Texas, this Star Learners Scholarship will underwrite the cost of a Texas Educator’s attendance at the Learning Forward Academy in hopes of creating dynamic and nurturing relationships that will support the recipient, enhance the quality of leadership for the educator’s home organization, and ultimately improve the quality of education for the children of Texas.

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