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Top 5 Blog Posts

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Dr. Sue Chapman began writing a blog for Learning Forward Texas in the September 2021 StraightForward newsletter. We have seen increased interest because the posts have relevant topics featuring educational rock stars and authors. However, you might have missed a month or two, so we compiled a list of our most read blog posts. The beginning of another school year might be a good time to review this resource. Which blog will you share with your team?!

Imagine a meeting educators are eager to attend because they understand the meeting’s purpose and know the meeting will be structured to support this purpose. Imagine a school or district culture where such meetings are the norm, where adults recognize these purpose-driven discussions as essential to their effectiveness and the effectiveness and well-being of the learning community.

As education leaders, we can boost our learning organization’s collective mood, strengthen school culture, and build teacher resilience by intentionally and strategically creating peak experiences for members of our school community. Learn how to design defining moments that will upgrade the experience of school for your teachers and students.

Learning Forward’s mission statement affirms its commitment to actively promoting equity. Learning Forward’s newly revised Standards for Professional Learning provide a roadmap for achieving equity in, for, and through professional learning. Learn more about the standards and how to use them to promote equity and excellence in your own learning organization.

The need for effective school leadership has never been greater. Dr. Robert Thornell, co-author of Inside the Principal’s Office: A Leadership Guide to Inspire Reflection and Growth, tells us that great school leaders, both principals and teacher leaders, are grown, not born.

In schools, every day is “game day.” Every day, teachers need the best resources and the best forms of support because students deserve the best we can offer them. The playbook aims to be that kind of support: the best strategies with the best research base that best target teachers’ goals for students.

The Instructional Playbook: The Missing Link for Translating Research into Practice, p. 18

While these posts were the most read, many other relevant topics in our other blog posts were of interest to our readers. Check out the other posts by visiting our LFTX News page.

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  • Choosing to be a Courageous Educator

  • Strategies to Optimize Your Impact

  • Standing on the Shoulders of Giants: Learning Forward Texas 30th Annual Conference

  • Holiday To-Do List: Take Care of Self

  • Capturing Confetti - 4 Ways to Growing a Culture of Gratitude in Your School or Organization

  • How to Thrive (and Help Others Thrive) in 2021-2022

Sue Chapman is a professional learning consultant and author of MathVentures: 33 Teacher-Coach Investigations to Grow Students as Mathematicians. Learn more about her at and connect with her on Twitter at @SueChapmanLearn.

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