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Board Member Conference Resources

Below you'll find resources you can use to share information about our conference. 


If you have flyers, emails, and/or artifacts you've created that you'd like to share with the BOD and LFTX trainer group, please email them (or share the link) with Lisa Ham so that she can add them to this webpage as additional resources. 



Conference one-pager:  Schedule, Who should attend, Why they should attend, etc.

LFTX Sponsorship Levels:  Levels with pricing and perks to share with vendors.

Social Media:  Tips, Hashtags, examples, etc. 


Exhibitor Focus

Purpose:    To recruit exhibitors for the conference

Audience:  Vendors you work within your district or surrounding areas

I'm attending; won't you join me!?

Purpose:    To recruit conference attendees

Audience:  Your colleagues

Questions about our Conference?

Janet C_edited.jpg

Conference Coordinator 


All things schedule, session, presenter, location, sponsorship, etc. related.

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