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Facilitation for Effective Implementation


Need a partner to assist your district, campus, or leadership team in designing, planning, or facilitating strategic growth opportunities that can lead to increased student achievement?


Partner with LFTX experienced leaders who are skilled at

  • using protocols,

  • structures, and

  • learning opportunities

to engage teams in deep and meaningful discussion, guiding collaborative efforts to move your organization forward toward campus or district goals.

This workshop is also available on-site.

Follow-up: Consultation and Coaching 


Effective professional learning should be revisited and evaluated for its impact on student learning.


Our experienced learning professionals are available to work with campus and district leadership to ensure effective

  • implementation,

  • evaluation, and

  • follow-up

for every workshop series. 

This workshop is also available on-site.

For pricing and scheduling information contact:

Lisa Ham

512.266.3086, ext. 1

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