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Top 5 Blog Posts

July is a great month to refresh and reset. Perhaps you want to do some light professional reading to catch up with what’s going on. Or maybe you’re setting out to explore new ideas to spark innovative thinking in preparation for the new school year. Learning Forward Texas’s most-read blogs of 2022-2023 are a great place to start. How might you use these blogs with your team? Which colleagues might also find them valuable?

Learning Forward Texas wishes you a restful and rejuvenating summer! Enjoy!

In schools, every day is “game day.” Every day, teachers need the best resources and the best forms of support because students deserve the best we can offer them. The playbook aims to be that kind of support: the best strategies with the best research base that best target teachers’ goals for students.

The Instructional Playbook: The Missing Link for Translating Research into Practice Jim Knight, along with colleagues Ann Hoffman, Michelle Harris, and Sharon Thomas

The need for effective school leadership has never been greater. Robert Thornell, the co-author of Inside the Principal’s Office: A Leadership Guide to Inspire Reflection and Growth, tells us that great school leaders, both principals and teacher leaders, are grown, not born.

Professional learning is a choice. We can’t force teachers to master and then choose to implement the complex instructional practices required to effectively support student learning. Educators with responsibility for supporting professional learning need to understand the root causes of resistance and have a toolkit of moves to address resistance productively.

What if professional development could be more like a party? In their new book, The PD Book: 7 Habits that Transform Professional Development, Elena Aguilar and Lori Cohen guide us through processes for designing and facilitating transformative professional development using the idea of a party to envision how professional learning could and should look, sound, and feel.

Learning Forward sets the standard for professional learning and builds the capacity of educators to serve all students equitably. Learning Forward’s mission statement affirms its commitment to actively promoting equity. Now, Learning Forward’s newly revised Standards for Professional Learning provide a roadmap for achieving equity in, for, and through professional learning. Learn more about the standards and how you can use them to promote equity and excellence in your own learning organization.

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